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ALL real estate licensees renewing after July 1, 2021 will have to fulfill the new NY DOS licensing requirements.  The grandfather clause has been removed!  In order to renew your New York State real estate license after July 1, 2021 you will have to fulfill the following education requirements:

Complete a minimum of 22.5 hours of continuing education.  The 22.5 hours must include a minimum of:

  • 3 Hours of Fair Housing
  • 1 Hour of Agency (2 hours of agency if renewing for the first time)
  • 2.5 Hours of Ethical Business Practices
  • 1 hour of Legal Update
  • 2 Hours of instruction pertaining to Implicit Bias Awareness (new as of 09/21/2022)
  • 2 Hours of Cultural Competency Training (new as of 09/21/2022)
  • 11 Hours of elective credit (10 if renewing for the first time)

To view the email notice sent from NY DOS, to all licensees, on 03/23/2022, regarding these two new core requirements CLICK HERE

The Elmira-Corning Association of REALTORS®  will be offering several Live Virtual CE courses as well as LIVE In-Person Classroom courses; many of them fulfill the core courses mentioned above.  We also offer online courses for all of your continuing educaton needs.


All real estate appraisers and assistants are required to successfully complete 28 hours of approved appraiser continuing education courses within their two year license renewal period.  The education must include the seven-hour National USPAP update course and a course of study pertaining to Fair Housing and Fair Lending.  A licensee who previously completed an approved course of study in Fair Housing, Fair Lending and Environmental Issues (RE-2) or (GE-1) prior to January 1, 2022, must complete either the designated four hour or seven hour course on Fair Housing and Fair Lending prior to renewal.  A licensee who has NOT completed RE-2 or GE-1 prior to January 1, 2022, MUST complete the designated seven hour course on Fair Housing, Fair Lending prior to renewal.  For all subsequent renewals, licensees must complete the seven-hour National USPAP update course and either the four hour or seven hour course of instruction pertaining to Fair Housing and Fair Lending within their two-year license/certification period prior to renewal.  Courses will be available at approved schools in the near future and may be completed and applied toward your current continuing education requirements. 

Please note that you must complete an additional 14 hours of approved continuing education for each year that has lapsed if you renew 185 days after the expiration date of your license.

For more information regarding licensure requirements call the NY Department of State at 1-518-486-3803 or visit their website at


REALTORS®, this includes appraisers as well as real estate licensees, are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within each three-year NAR® cycle (the current three-year cycle, (cycle 7), is from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024). The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR®).   

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR®) has implemented a new requirement for the cycle 7 Code of Ethics Requirement.  We (Local REALTOR® Associations) can only accept completion certificates from education providers that we "partner" with.  That means you have to take 2.5 hours of Ethics Training through one of the following to fulfill this NAR® Ethics requirement:

To add to the confusion, 2.5 hours of "Professional Business Ethics" is one of the 6 mandatory core courses required to renew your real estate license with the New York Department of State.  Some ethics courses may qualify for NYDOS CE credit, but not NAR's ethics training..  Be sure to confirm if the ethics course you are taking is approved for CE, NAR's Ethics Training, or both.


  • Continuing Education is needed to keep your real estate LICENSE
  • NAR's Ethics Training is needed to keep your REALTOR® MEMBERSHIP

Below is a list of members of the Elmira-Corning Association of REALTORS® who have fulfilled their ethics requirement for the current cycle, (cycle 7) January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2024.  If you have any questions, please call Sandy at 607-562-7035.  (LAST UPDATED (01/30/2023)

Amy Adams 11/10/2022
Louis Alaimo 12/23/2022
Arthur Ambrose 11/10/2022
Keith Bailey 01/02/2023
Stuart Baldwin 10/15/2022
Deborah Barner 11/10/2022
Marcie Beaton 12/30/2022
Anne Bezio 09/23/2022
Becky Birdsall 04/26/2022
Elliott Blauvelt 11/10/2022
Nancy Bohlayer 03/07/2022
Sarah Bowie 11/17/2022
Aimee Brennan 06/23/2022
Morgan Buck 11/21/2022
Thomas Caruso 01/01/2022
Charles Cerio 07/07/2022
Andrew Chambless 01/10/2022
Noelle Chaploney 04/06/2022
Nicole Chorney 02/05/2022
Andrew Christian 03/01/2022
Valerie Clark 03/16/2022
Karen Clark Romans 10/31/2022
Peter Clearwater 09/25/2022
Sandra Clowe 03/16/2022
Sharon Coletta 12/07/2022
Diane Cooper 05/27/2022
Matthew Coseo 08/24/2022
Mark Costanza 01/15/2023
Julie Costello 05/27/2022
Cynthia Cox 04/05/2022
Dane Davis 11/10/2022
Sean Davis 02/03/2022
Marion Decker  08/15/2022
Andrew DiLaura 04/11/2022
Vincent DiLaura 03/16/2022
Dawn Dimon 12/08/2022
Jeremy Drake 02/23/2022
Nancy Dubendorfer 05/27/2022
Ralph Dubendorfer 03/16/2022
Christine Dunbar 11/18/2022
Janice Duff 01/22/2022
Stephanie Egli 11/10/2022
Tracey Fitzgerald 02/14/2022
Lindsey Follett 08/12/2022
Doreen Franzese 11/28/2022
John Franzese 04/06/2022
Antoinette Fratarcangelo 01/16/2023
Isaiah Fulwood 03/21/2022
Doug Gartley 01/19/2022
Toni Granger 05/27/2022
Lauren Groth 08/02/2022
Faye Guild-Nash 05/27/2022
Flora Haff Cranmer 04/18/2022
Michael Hamilton 05/27/2022
Eric Hammond 12/01/2022
Kasey Harvey 01/13/2022
Kaitlyn Hertzler 12/14/2022
Jason Hightower 07/26/2022
Clementine Hill 09/03/2022
Justin Holzlein 09/28/2022
Stephen Hudock 03/08/2022
Andrew Hughes 05/11/2022
Erin Hughson 11/18/2022
Joseph Iles 02/25/2022
Kathleen Ingram 11/10/2022
Becky James 03/16/2022
Stephen Kantz 08/02/2022
Roger Katchuk 11/27/2022
Michelle Kay 11/10/2022
Kimberly Kluchonic 01/19/2022
Daniel Knaisch 04/23/2022
Heidi Kohberger 08/11/2022
Kyle Kohberger 09/19/2022
Jamie Lachut 09/28/2022
Michael Lanning 01/27/2022
Sue Larson 06/12/2022
Joanne Laux 11/10/2022
Mark Laux 06/30/2022
Risea Lawrence 12/30/2022
Morgan Leach 11/10/2022
Tricia DeCerbo Leath 03/07/2022
Michael Lepak 11/16/2022
Jamie Lemen 08/02/2022
Jonathan Lerche 11/10/2022
Lisa Lilley 11/10/2022
Derik Lisi 05/06/2022
Bret Llewellyn 02/18/2022
Graydon Locey 11/30/2022
Michele Locey 11/10/2022
Sharlyn Louch 03/16/2022
Bernadette Mainus 04/28/2022
Cynthia Manning 08/14/2022
Michael Manzari 02/11/2022
Eurissa Marcelle 03/10/2022
Mary McDonald 06/20/2022
Kelly McKay 05/27/2022
Steven McNamara 11/10/2022
Christopher Merola 05/21/2022
Carie Moody 03/29/2022
Mark Moon 02/25/2022
Mary Ann Morehouse 09/26/2022
Judith Moriarty 07/19/2022
Daniel Mower 05/27/2022
Lena Munn 04/13/2022
Raymond Naylor 03/22/2022
Bridget Nolan 08/29/2022
Amy Nunn 05/27/2022
Kristen O'Brien 11/13/2022
Andrea O'Herron Mosher 05/27/2022
Obiefuna Okafor 05/30/2022
William Oliver 12/30/2022
Desiree O'Rourke 12/01/2022
Khalid Osman 03/16/2022
Kyle Palumbo 06/03/2022
Patty Page 02/03/2022
Donna Palmer Horton 04/22/2022
Amy Parmelee 11/10/2022
Luke Patrick 01/30/2023
Magdalena Pauna 03/17/2022
Scott Pautz 08/05/2022
Cheryl Peckham 01/07/2023
Hether Perko 03/16/2022
Anthony Perry 03/28/2022
Courtney Radford 08/21/2022
Dan Ribble 12/29/2022
Jody Rice 08/01/2022
Michael Robertson 08/24/2022
Carl Romans 02/17/2022
Mark Rose 08/12/2022
Theresa Rossettie 05/27/2022
Beth Russell 01/16/2023
Linda Santos 03/16/2022
Chris Scata 06/12/2022
Norman Schamel 05/27/2022
Tawny Schill 05/29/2022
Thomas Schnorr 05/03/2022
Joseph Schwartz 10/25/2022
Shane Searfoss 10/28/2022
Aleah Sexton 10/30/2022
Michael Sexton 11/26/2022
Nikki Shadduck 09/05/2022
Stephen Sibiga 02/17/2022
Gigi Siglin 01/19/2023
Teresa Smith 06/28/2022
Alan Specchio 03/16/2022
Mary St George 02/24/2022
Teresa Sutherland 10/30/2022
Ashley Swanger 09/28/2022
Scott Swimley 04/21/2022
Jonathan Szewczyk 04/06/2022
Stephen Terwilliger 11/15/2022
Lajaunah Thetga 01/15/2023
Quintin Tiffany 01/11/2022
Nicholas Tobey 01/28/2022
Kari Tobias 02/09/2022
Khalil Tranchant 07/13/2022
Jaimie Tumia 04/03/2022
Alicia Wahl 05/28/2022
Lindsey Walker 01/23/2022
Tyler Walmsley 07/07/2022
Darlene Weiermiller 11/10/2022
Jennifer Whitehead 10/20/2022
Kenneth Wilson 08/11/2022
Wendy Winnett 01/15/2022
Bonnie Winters 12/02/2022
Amy Woods Gonzalez 03/16/2022
Melissa Woodward 09/10/2022