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The education qualifications for real estate broker’s license requires the completion of the 75 hr. Salesperson Qualifying Course and the 45 hour Broker Qualifying Course.  Note-Applicants who took the 45 hour Salesperson Course (prior to 07/2008) will need to complete the 30 hour Remedial Course before taking the 45 hour Broker Course.  For more information regarding pertinent law, regulations and licensure requirements visit the Department of State website or call the Division of Licensing Services at 518-474-4429.

30 Hour Remedial “Gap” Course 

This course is a prerequisite to “bridge the gap” for currently licensed Salespersons who now wish to obtain a Broker’s license but have taken the 45 hour Salesperson Course, not the new 75 hour course.  No state exam is given for the 30 hour Remedial Course.  However, students must pass an end of the course exam.  Those passing the exam also earn 18.5 hours of continuing education credit leaving only 3.0 hours of Fair Housing Course work and agency course work to fulfill their current two year licensure renewal requirement.


Remedial "Gap" Course online through our partnership with The CEShop

Remedial “Gap” Course online through our partnership with Mbition

45 Hour Broker Qualifying Course

NYDOS is increasing the hours from 45 to 77 in the near future, we will continue to keep you updated with more details as they become available.

We offer the 45 hour Broker Qualifying Course online through our partnership with The CEShop or Mbition

Students are responsible for determining eligibility for State Licensure – for more information visit the Department of State Website