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Experts say real estate is your best investment...REALTORS® know better,

RPAC is your BEST investment!

How have your RPAC investments paid dividends?

RPAC is the only professional organization that safeguards REALTOR® interests by educating and supporting lawmakers who defend the real estate industry.

Keep RPAC working for you

Without your support, RPAC cannot remain a powerful voice on the following initiatives:

  • Maintaining the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) and Property Tax Deduction.
  • Supporting property tax relief through mandate relief.
  • Opposing attacks on private property rights
  • Opposing increases to New York State's high closing costs

Invest in RPAC today

Your future in real estate is directly tied to the power of RPAC.  For more information or to invest in RPAC contact the Elmira-Corning Association of Realtors® at 607-562-7035